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  • Lights Off
  • 3000K
  • 4300K
  • 6000K*
  • 8000K
  • 10000K
  • 12000K
  • 30000K

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HID kit What is included?

HID kit
- Two Advanced German Technology Ballasts using AC Technology
- Two Advanced German Technology Xenon Bulbs
- Mounting Brackets
- Instructions
- 1 Year Warranty

* Wire harness to battery sold extra. Not sure if you need one? Call us!

Digital HID Do I need to specify what bulb size I need?

No, If its a common North America vehicle, our technicians can look it up easily. If you have a rare vehicle, motorcycle or ATV, it is best to check. If your vehicle has aftermarket headlights installed, its important that you email us right after placing your order – or replying to your sales receipt.

Xenon Headlights What if my vehicle has a bulb that does low beam and high beam in the same bulb?

If you order our low beam kit – you will receive hid bulbs shown below. As you see the low beam is HID and the high beam is a halogen bulb. Your high beam will not be any brighter, but you will not lose it like other kits on the market.

If you order low beam kit + high beam kit – you will receive our bi-xenon kit, which will operate your low beam and high beam in bright HID. When you switch from low beam to high beam our specialized kit will move the light bulb with an actuator as shown below. Again this only applies to vehicles that have a single bulb on each side of their headlight. Vehicles with two bulbs on each side will get two separate kits.


What makes our kits superior to the competition? - Did you know there are two HID technologies on the market? We use only the latest technology called AC. This may not mean anything to most people, however it relates to how the light is produced with electricity.

AC - Alternating current (Higher technology costs, 3000 hours, same as used in OEM vehicles with HID, no flickering)

DC - Direct current (Low cost, Low Life, Common flickering, sold cheap by most sellers to move inventory)

Most companies will not offer you this information because they sell the cheaper components for maximum short term profit.