Buy Car HID Kits lights


Why Choose Digital


We know reliability and quality are absolutely necessary for headlight upgrades. After all your safety depends on it. You cannot drive around with dim headlights or flickering headlights caused by poor quality conversion kits. Our product uses state of the art digital technology along with German technology to ensure the highest level of safety, appearance and visual performance.

The AGT digital HID kit uses cutting edge design and craftsmanship that delivered the brightest output compared to any kit on the market. Ensuring optimal light output, the AGT kits use laser calibrated quartz bulbs so that the focal point of the bulb matches that of the halogen bulb. The result is outstanding road coverage with proper fitment and correct beam pattern. We use AMP style connectors for a trouble free connection between the HID and the ballast.

All digital ballasts are sealed with bolts and epoxy to ensure a water tight, water proof design.  Our ballast are designed for harsh conditions any vehicle can throw at it.

Our patented digital ballast design provides unparalleled illumination color precision.


Frequently Ask Questions:::


Are all kits on the market digital?


No, in fact competitor’s cheap kits on the market use poor analog DC ballasts and components that are not stable. Most kits on the market may save you money in the short term, but they typically will fail within months.  Besides failing cheap ballasts can cause flickering that is noticeable from inside the vehicle.


What is the warranty coverage?


Full 1 year warranty – other companies will advertise 1, 2 or even 3+ warranties but fail to state what the terms of the warranty are.  Most times they will ask you to pay to ship the defective item back; many times they are in China. Imagine waiting 2-4 weeks to get a defective part back.