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Installation Guide for HID Kits



Installing a kit on most vehicles is very easy and should take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Some vehicles will take longer due to hard access to the light bulbs. Please consult your owner’s manual or dealer on how to remove the factory light bulbs. Once you removed the factory light bulbs, installation is very straight forward after that.


Below are two diagrams showing the wiring based on the type of bulb your vehicle uses. Please note this wiring diagram applies only in cases you are not installing a relay in addition to a HID kit. Most vehicles do not require a relay and will not benefit from a relay. Relays are only needed on cars where the computer may cause dash warning issues, flickering or are not turning. Do not worry, in most circumstances we will contact you if you did require a relay. Relays are sold in our accessories section.



The ballast (metal box) can be mounted on any surface or zip tied on to  anything. Please make sure the ballast is not near extreme heat such as directly on the radiator or engine. Our ballast are sealed. Water damage is extremely unlikely, however we still recommend not to mount in a location where water may directly spash on the ballast.