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We offer HID accessories for vehicles that may need more than just a HID kit. Our conversion kits are typically complete for most vehicles however; some vehicles may need relay upgrades or adapters. Relay upgrades allow power to flow directly from your battery and use your factory connector as the switch. Bulb adapters sometimes are required for European vehicles and some Japanese models.


Perhaps you have a burned out light bulb or failed ballast. No worries, we carry the highest quality replacement parts on the market. Our ballast and bulbs are compatible with most aftermarket kits on the market. Everything is always in stock and ships the next day.

JDM HID Xenon Conversion Kit 6000K or 10000K JDM
JDM HID Xenon Conversion Kit 6000K or 10000K

Listing Price: $57.94

Selling Price: $39.96