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Lexus Xenon Headlights HID Kit Lights Conversion

The luxury vehicle line, Lexus is a product of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota is a Japanese automobile maker and it introduced the Lexus in the United States first in 1989.The first vehicle launched by the Lexus was the Lexus LS 400.It is a luxury sedan and is the flagship model of the Lexus. Following this, Lexus added other models namely, coupe, convertible and SUV. Its headquarters and manufacture of cars has always been in Aichi, Japan. Only recently, in 2003 was the assembly also started in Ontario, Canada. Since the 1989, Lexus has ranked no.1 for customer service and vehicle reliability. From 2008, it has also been named among the top five most reliable brands. To emphasize the smoothness of its engines, Lexus once showcased champagne glasses on the hood of a revving LS 400. The Lexus models include five sedans, Lexus IS, Lexus HS, Lexus GS, Lexus ES and the Lexus LS, two convertibles, Lexus IS C and Lexus SC and three SUVs, RX, GX and LX. Lexus HID kit became available on Lexus models from the year 2000.Lexus Xenon headlights are also available online. With these you can easily upgrade or replace your headlights make sure you buy the best and not compromise in quality. Lexus sports the slogan “In the pursuit of perfection.”