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Jaguar Xenon Headlights HID Kit Lights Conversion

The Jaguar HID kit is the most sensual car illumination system available in the market today. They are extremely simple to install & is available at an affordable price. These best quality lights are installed in the low beam of the headlight. They are also installed in the fog lights for utmost lighting. Jaguar xenon headlights were designed based on the safety features that they endorse. This vehicle is known for its safety features & original OEM. The most unique feature of the car is the brightness & the color of light. HID bulbs are deliberately designed to emit around 300% additional light when compared to the ordinary halogen lights. The temperature of the bulbs varies depending on the duration of time used. The color of lighting varies depending on the temperature of the bulb. The main reason for the color change is because xenon is used to fill the lights. These xenon packed bulbs react to electrical current, hence the color of the lighting changes with the increase in current. This car has HID kits that come along with various color bulbs. The least temperature from the bulb emits a yellowish color & the highest temperature emits violet color.