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Bentley Xenon Headlights HID Kit Lights Conversion

The Bentley is a private company that deals in the automotive industry. It is British based and the parent company is the Volkswagen group. The Bentley brand of cars is extremely expensive and those with six figure notes are exposed to unwavering levels of prestige and elegance. The original car model had an engine capacity of 3 litres but as time progressed and customers put heavier body parts on their chassis, a larger 4.5 litre model followed. The Bentley series of cars have an iconic effect and has been known to be the vehicle of the legendary actor, James Bond. Bentley Azure ceased production in 2003 and another line called Bentley Continental GT was introduced. There has been a series of innovations with the latest Bentley continental version being introduced in 2009. The Bentley HID Kit contains Xenon headlights that increase side visibility up to 80% more than the regular halogen bulbs and provide extended light coverage. It’s an extremely powerful car with environment friendly technology. Despite the modifications here and there, the traditional qualities remain. The cabin has all the elegance of a castle’s drawing room. The interiors are covered with premium hide and timer and the fabrics and colours are normally selected by the customer. The coupes and sedans are powered by a superior engine that is turbo charged.