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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Xenon Headlights HID Kit Lights Conversion

Alfa Romeo! With these very words comes to mind about the cars, manufactured by an Italian carmaker. It is a state holding company associated with Fiat cars since 1986. Originally known as A.L.F.A. to know better let’s start from its history, started in 1906 by Antonio darracq, in late 1906 since its manufacture the slow sales of these cars forced its managing director Ugo Stella with other investors to bring about the existence of another company known as A.L.F.A (Anonima-lombarda-fabbrica-automobili). Having their first designer Giuseppe onto whom the responsibility fell to design cars suitable for Italian market. This was in the year 1909, these carmakers ventured in the arena of car racing with Rozoni to represent them at the races in 1911 with their introduced G.P. 1914 car. This car featured four cylinders and double overhead camshafts and twin ignition. However, World War 1 halted the production. The beginning of the new era began in 1915. The year that saw the induction of Mr. Romeo under whose directions this company moved to produce military hard ware. After the war Mr. Romeo vested his profits in locomotive and railways carriage in 1919 he decided to begin with the cars division as Alfa Romeo. This was the birth of Alfa Romeo. 1920 saw the car beginning to gain success in the market with the winning of the grand prix at Mugello by Giuseppe. Soon a new designer named JANO who went on to design and introduce four, 6, 8 cylinder cars along with bespoke cars for the wealthy. The story continued and success of this car went on until 1970, finally in 1986 this company was bought by the FIAT GROUP. Today, the most appreciated parts of this make are the Alfa Romeo HID kits and the Alfa Romeo xenon headlights!